Vegetation Menagerie

    Mixed Media/Fiber    24″ W x 36″ L 

I admit that I certainly let my imagination run wild in “Vegetation Menagerie”. I intended to show the diversity of the earth’s plant life and somehow put remarkably diverse ecosystems all together. As an artist, I never know what images will emerge and demand to be included in a piece. It is clearly my muse leading me. But the truth is that in this piece I see all the many places I have visited merge together. I included the cypresses of Umbria with the cactus of the Sonoma Desert, the sunflowers of Kansas with the exotic bushes of Vietnam. The concept I wanted to portray is the absolute wonder of the plant life around us everywhere. We should take time to enjoy this plant life that we so often ignore. This plant life makes the very oxygen we need to breath; maybe we should cherish it. We should never forget how important it is to the future of the planet we live on.    $875


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