The Inbetween


   Mixed Media/Fiber    24″W x 36″ L

This piece was intellectually the hardest piece in this series to create. It represents the forming of water and land with the seeds of early life. Artistic license took over as I tried the merge the origin story as told in the Bible with the origin story told from the scientific community. The fun of the whole idea is we still do not know for sure our origins, and although simplistic the rendition of a creator God dividing matter into land, sky and water has a childlike wonder to it. Again, being in a more abstract mode challenges me; I let telling the origin story be my paramount objective. For me, I still needed to visualize, swirling water around evolving land, the amoeba like shapes enabled me to move on to the creation of life. The evolution story  became where my creativity led me.  $875



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