Tattoos on the Vaporetto

  Mixed Media/ Fiber      24″ W x 36″ L

A Figurative study showing men with Tattoos created with fabric, paint, collage and stitch.
I visited Venice, renting an apartment with friends, and spent two weeks immersed in art and the wonders of Venice. Very quickly we learned our way around the canals of Venice. To visit many of the art venues of the biennale we needed to ride the Venice version of a bus, the Vaporetto. I enjoyed every ride observing my fellow commuters, some were tourists like me, but for many they were simply going to work or shopping for daily needs. I photographed and sketched many of my fellow passengers., but these young men really fascinated me. Were they Greek, Italian, Arab? Their arms and neck were covered with beautiful tattoos, they sat together but on separate seats and seemed to just be in their own world enjoying the ride on the water just like me. I developed this piece from photographs and the original sketch I did of the two men with tattoos when I returned home to the apartment.    $850



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