Summer Ski Slope

Mixed Media/Fiber      24″ W x 12″ L

Almost everyone has heard of Aspen mountain and the challenging skiing that can be experienced. The town of Aspen itself still has a feel of Swiss villages but when wandering the center of town, you feel more like you are on rodeo drive in Los Angeles. The shops are no longer local but are filled with famous, high end names such as Prada.

Yet you could avoid this part of Aspen and enjoy the natural beauty.  I visited the town of Aspen and the mountain overlooking the town in the middle of August.  I took  photos from the top of the mountain after taking a breath-taking gondola ride. The beauty of our Colorado mountains is still there. There is a vague shadow of where the ski sloops are groomed and made ready for winter. It was fun to recreate the feeling of the summer mountain in my art.   $375



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