Separate not Equal

Mixed Media/Fiber     67“ x 36″ L

“Separate not Equal” was inspired by my wonderful trip to Cape Town, South Africa. The city is incredibly beautiful in many spots, but like many cities, it is a place of haves and have-nots. In the wealthy, white area of town there were beautiful homes, but they were often protected by numerous layers of fencing. 

In the Muslim area of town this group of citizens created their own enclave of small, but colorful homes.  On the edge of the city, usually not seen by tourists, are the slums. People create electricity by running wires that are  not connected legally;  homes are made of discarded trash.  Everyone living here is black skinned.

My hope is that Cape Town can evolve into a place where all faiths, people of color and cultures live together in harmony and have equal opportunities.  $2,700


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