Running of the Bulls

    Mixed Media/Fiber        36″ W x 62″ L

The inspiration for my work often comes from my travel experiences. I have read so many books, have seen numerous photographs of the running of the bulls. I did not expect to be inspired by the actual place where this annual event takes place. We got up early so there would not be other visitors at the site. On one very early morning in Pamplona, Spain, I found myself standing in the middle of the street and all of a sudden, I was in a different place. I could hear the rumbling noise of bulls running, heard the hoofs beats, and I could imagine the terror of both bulls and runners down this very narrow brick street. All morality concerns aside, this cultural phenomenon demanded being recreated in my art. It is a piece that flowed from deep within me as I tried to reproduce in fabric and stitch the feeling of that place. I choose the black and red colors to reflect the intense level of emotion that had to have been present when men and bulls ran in terror.   $2,200



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