Over Caffinated

Mixed Media/Fiber    36″ W x 48″ L

I had a wonderful week vacation visiting a cabin on the South Fork of the Rio Grande in Southern Colorado. I loved the quiet sounds of the morning, the birds singing, the water rushing, and the wind in the trees. I would then have my morning interrupted by my friend who thought morning was the time to discuss the world’s problems. Do not get me wrong I really enjoy my friend a lot. She is funny and intelligent BUT I did not enjoy that much conversation in the morning. I began to photograph her as she talked, hands gesturing, facial expressions changing rapidly. I then did a sketch and translated my portrait into a fiber piece. I thoroughly enjoyed portraying the hyper energetic vibe that was so much a part of her morning conversations. My friend is an extremely attractive women, but this is more a character study than a real portrait.    $1,700


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