Mall Ride

 Mixed Media/Fiber     44″Wx39″L

In Denver there is an incredibly slow , but free shuttle bus that runs the length of the 16th Street Mall.

It seems like a useless waste of time to wait for the shuttle; you often had to wait 10 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. Then the riders all waited patiently while the shuttle stopped at every block. You could walk faster to your destination.

But often I would decide to ride the shuttle just to study the people around me.  It is a snapshot of the diversity in my city. I sketched and photographed many riders over many rides and put them together in this montage of contrast. The teenager coming from soccer practice businessman talking over their next business deal with a fellow rider.  

We are black, brown, white, old, young, rich, and poor, but when we ride the Mall Shuttle, we have endured the waiting together. We ignore the fact it takes over 20 minutes to finish the ride at the bus terminal.   It is a study of contrasts, of the many human stories waiting to be told.    $1,800



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