Mixed Media/Fiber      24″ W x 36″ L

Maybe humans arrived on earth because God was lonely. After all, according to many different religious interpretations it is said humans were created in the image of God. That theory is hard to believe when we behave badly toward each other and destroy the world we are supposed to watch over and protect. That is when I find it easier to believe we evolved somehow from the family of apes. In creating this piece, I really wanted to steer away from the image of a blond blue eyed human as depicted in so much art. After all we didn’t show up first in the land of the north where we need to absorb all the sun’s rays before it turned dark and cold. No, early humankind lived in a rocky and desert land. Thus, I tried to portray a more realistic view of early man, humans who were hunter gathers. Invariably my travels throughout the southwest tend to show up when I start creating landscapes.   $875



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