God Rested

Mixed Media/Fiber    24″ W x 36″ L

I always thought we were on very unstable ground when we try to describe God. As a child, I interpreted God as an old man with a beard, sort of like Santa Claus. I loved the idea that Dan Brown threw out in his book that maybe God was just an exceptionally large super- computer. The reality is we do not know, and many people even doubt the existence of God at all. So, my solution in this final piece of the series is to show God as a brown, female Buddha like figure. She is resting in a yoga pose on top of a supercomputer in front of the world she created. Admittedly a lot of this series is sort of tongue in cheek, but it has been fun to create just another version of the evolution of our world. Maybe my next series should be “Where are we going?” That feels too depressing so I will just let my muse lead me onwards as always.    $875


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