Dreaming of Summer

Mixed Media/Fiber    31″ W x 40″ L

“Dreaming of Summer.” Originally, I was going to call this “Fantasies of Summer” but as I worked on creating this luscious garden, I felt it was more like a dream. It was cold and snowy outside, and COVID-19 was still rampant everywhere you might go to be warm. Thus “dreaming” evolved. I had recently read a book of women artists who used themselves as a model. After reading a bit more of art history I learned many famous men artists did the same thing. I could not go to life drawing class at the Art student League. I had to be the model. I actually bought a full-length mirror to be able to photograph myself and then draw myself. I drew the figure several times before doing the final drawing with my air pen. I am too modest to do a revealing nude, but I wanted it to feel like a nude relaxing and contemplating being in a beautiful garden in the heat of summer. Winter is still here but I believe I created a temporary diversion.   For Sale $1,200


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