Dancing for Joy

   Mixed Media/Fiber      45″ W x 65″ L

One evening I was walking along 16th street, coming home from a concert at church. It was holiday time, and there was an upbeat happy crowd. The scene included people playing drums, singing, or just walking along happy to be alive. One small group of about 10 people had set up a small dance stage in the middle of the mall. They had amplified music, and everyone was dancing with abandon. One woman was moving with such grace and was clearly totally into the music and the experience of dance. Her partner was more in the background making some moves but just enjoying being part of her joy of movement. The dancers dress and the vibrant colors were inspired by the Mexican dancers I have watched during Cinco D Mai celebrations. Once I built on that idea, I just let my creative process reign and loved using all the bright and celebratory fabrics I had in my studio. I hope you can feel the joy and the love of movement expressed by the dancers.    $2,800


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