14 Floors Up

  Mixed Media/Fiber       38″ W x 62″ L

Like all of us that live in Colorado and Denver we were put into a “Stay at Home’ order early in March. We are all just stuck at home, waiting for the next stage of safety restrictions from our Governor or mayor. I looked out the window from my condo that used to be in an ideal location; I could walk to the theater, now closed. I could walk to an evening ballet or opera production, also shut down. The art museum, my gym, visiting friends or family was all on hold. Restaurant doors were closed. As I looked out my window 14 floors above a once vibrant scene it looked desolate and sad. Creating this piece was my mental health therapy; it expressed my grief and anxiety and helped me work my way through waiting for the “Stay at Home” order to lift.  Life as I previously knew it was gone for the foreseeable future.  $2,800



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