My art begins with a vision and ends in a story.  Viewed through my eyes, events, places, people and different cultures take on a new perspective. I capture ideas, visions and concepts through the use of fabric, collage, texture, stitching, patterns and color.  Each piece binds these various elements together to create a unique and individual story.

I feel an element of success when the portrayal of the story within the art can be felt by the viewer.  To me every life situation, a beautiful landscape, a religious experience, or a special human relationship can be interpreted as a search for meaning.  I choose to call it “A Search for God”.  My goal is to evoke an emotional response to each individual piece and build appreciation for how this eternal question might be answered.

 My work is unique in that I actually use small pieces of fabric to create my artwork. It is always a fiber piece but because I use paint, oil sticks and sometimes paper it fits into the mixed media category also. I  sometimes call it painting with fabric. Stitching is then used to create more detail and texture. 

About Jean Herman

Jean Herman is primarily a fiber artist using fabric, stitching, paint and other techniques to create art quilts that often read as paintings. Learn More»

Upcoming Exhibit

I will be giving a zoom presentation to Mount Vernon Quilters Unlimited, (MVQU) on Tuesday, April 20 at 12:30 Eastern time. My talk will be “Explorations”, my journey through the world of art quilting. Learn More»

Showing at Sync Member Gallery

February 18-March 13 Ghost Ranch Cliffs is based on a visit to the gorgeous place where Georgia O’Keefe painted, called the “The Ghost Ranch”. There is always the special New Mexico light and that cause the numerous colors shimmering along these majestic cliffs. Sync Gallery is at 930 Santa Fe Dr, in Denver. The gallery is open Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 1-4 pm and on Saturday noon-4. Learn More»
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